Chkuser 2.0: chkuser installation

Installation of chkuser is very simple.

Watching carefully patch design, you see the whole of the code is contained in indipendent files. Only a few lines must be added/edited, within qmail-smtpd.c and Makefile, in order to enable chkuser features within qmail-smtp server.

Automatic patching of qmail-smtpd.c and Makefile

Patching of qmail-smtpd.c and Makefile may be done automatically, using one of the .patch files supplied, if you have a clean qmail/netqmail installation, or if these sources are patched with other compatible patches.

See the automatic installation pages for detailed instructions.

Manual editing

You may do the work manually, editing by hand the few lines that needs to be changed.

It's very simple, watch the related pages for detailed instructions.

chkuser update

If you have already installed chkuser 2.0, and you want to update to the latest version, just install the latest update package available for your installed release and copy the new files in your qmail sources directory.

Version 2.0.8 is a special version, as it has additional patches to be used, if updating from 2.0.6 or older versions.

2.0.8 will be the base for all future updates.

See the update pages for detailed instructions.