chkuser 2.0 - logging format

starting from 2.0.9, logging has been extended and improved.

When #defines for logging are enabled, chkuser patch emits log informations on the same qmail-smtpd log destination

This is the log format:

CHKUSER "brief message": \
from <sender:remoteinfo:chkuser-identify> \
remote <helo:remotehostname:remotehostip> \
rcpt <recipient> : "extended message"




brief message


  • accepted rcpt
  • relaying rcpt
  • rejected relaying
  • rejected rcpt
  • no auth resource
  • mbx overquota
  • rejected intrusion
  • intrusion threshold
  • accepted sender
  • rejected sender
  • must auth


sender declared within "mail from"


the value of "TCPREMOTEINFO" or the autenticated user


the value of CHKUSER_IDENTIFY env variable (this name is defined by #define CHKUSER_IDENTIFY_REMOTE_VARIABLE)


helo declared from remote system


the value of "TCPREMOTEHOST"


the value of "TCPREMOTEIP"


recipient address

extended message

this field has more wide description for some generic "brief message":

accepted rcpt

found existing recipient

accepted any rcpt

accepted any recipient for any rcpt domain (from 2.0.9)

accepted any rcpt

accepted any recipient for this domain (from 2.0.9)

relaying rcpt

client allowed to relay

rejected relaying

client not allowed to relay

rejected rcpt

not existing recipient

rejected rcpt

max number of recipients

rejected rcpt

max number of invalid recipients

rejected rcpt

invalid rcpt address format

rejected rcpt

invalid rcpt MX domain

rejected rcpt

temporary DNS problem (from 2.0.9)

intrusion threshold

max number of allowed rcpt

intrusion threshold

max number of allowed invalid rcpt

rejected intrusion

rcpt ignored, session over intrusion threshold

no auth resource

no auth resource available

must auth

sender not authenticated/authorized (from 2.0.9)

mbx overquota

rcpt mailbox is overquota

accepted sender

sender accepted (from 2.0.9)

accepted sender

accepted any sender always (from 2.0.9)

accepted sender

accepted null sender always (from 2.0.9)

accepted doublebounce

accepted qmail doublebounce #@[] (from 2.0.9)

rejected sender

invalid sender address format

rejected sender

invalid sender MX domain

rejected sender

temporary DNS problem (from 2.0.9)