Chkuser 2.0 releasing schema


Three kinds of package are available, with a progressive numbering:

File name



Contains a complete and autonomous set of files and patches, to be used for a new installation


Contains only new complete files that must substitute the old ones, without touching existing qmail-smtpd.c, Makefile and chkuser_settings.h. Any new .update.tar contains all the changes from the latest .release.tar.


Occasionally, some .devel.tar may be available, for development and debugging purposes.

New installation

According to ascending numbers, a new installation should install the newest .release.tar, and then a more recent .update.tar, if available.


Only the newest version of .update.tar should be installed, replacing the existing files, than a normal compilation and installations of binaries should follow. No other change is needed, unless new features have to be added or otherwise is stated with the package.

Running chkuser

qmail-smtpd, patched with chkuser, must be executed in a different way than the normal one.

Check the documentation pages in order to have detailed informations.