chkuser 2.0 - support

Getting help

You may use the support mailing lists where the most of support has been given (both from us and from other people) until today. We'll continue supporting chkuser 2.0 on these lists.

If you are using specific toasters that are using chkuser, we suggest to ask first in their specific mailing list.

You may as well write us directly. Please consider this is a free support we are giving when we have time. We are usually fast in our answers, but using mailing lists would probably be faster.

Feedback and errors

We are trying to put the most of explaining material (mainly regarding chkuser) on line, but we know we cannot be totally exhaustive, and we may miss some informations that are caught by others.

So we'll be glad if you send us any error, comment, suggestion.

You may use the development mailing list of chkuser, or write us.

Bugs and new features

Please report us of any bug you find, or if there is any new feature you'ld like to have.

We are very interested making chkuser work with pure qmail or other virtual systems, so if you have time to share with us, providing a test environment, don't esitate to write us.

For these topics you may use the support mailing lists or the development mailing list, or write us.

Commercial support

We are giving free support on chkuser, as we normally do since years, but, as professional of the field, we are also available for commercial support, in case you need special features or customized development. You may contact us using write us page.